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✨ Tomorrow! ✨
Friday, September 30!We will come together as a school community in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.Wear your orange shirt and don’t forget to bring along $.25 for Edudeo.
☀️ Tomorrow morning - Everyone is welcome! ☀️Did you know when HCS fundraised for our new school build through the "Capital Campaign", we also tithed a percentage of those funds to support building Christian schools in other countries?Many of these schools were built in the Dominican Republic through "Sinergia Transformational Leadership Foundation".We encourage anyone who was a donor to the "Capital Campaign", members of HCS or friends of HCS to join us on September 26 at 9am to hear Mr. Mario Matos, the Executive Director of Sinergia. Mr.Matos will share how our partnership has benefitted the schools in the Dominican Republic, and the work they are doing through this ministry.
A peek at the schools Terry Fox Run yesterday!
🌟 HCS SWAG GIVEAWAY 🌟Follow these steps in order to get your name in a ballot to WIN a FREE HCS Spirit Wear item!👕 Wear your HCS Spirit Wear clothes anywhere but at school!📸 Take a photo and TAG us on social media 📸THATS IT 👌Contest closes October 2nd. We will do a live video to draw the winner. Link in bio to shop!
1 entry per tag - Go! Go! Go!
We have spirit wear days once a month at HCS - and we want you to be ready for it before it’s too late!
Orders closed October 1st.Visit the link on our profile.
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Password: School#huronchristianschool #huroncounty #christianeducation #christcenterededucation
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