Huron Christian School


Several years ago we introduced uniforms at Huron Christian School (HCS). The purpose of a dress code is to create a positive educational atmosphere, school identity, and community for HCS.

There are a variety of uniform options available but each student is required to have the mandatory uniform. This includes the following:

  • Boys: navy, short-sleeved golf shirt and beige pants.
  • Girls: Navy, short-sleeved golf shirt and beige pants or kilt. Girls can also choose to wear the tunic with the white blouse.

These items should be worn on occasions where the Principal deems it appropriate (Christmas program, graduation, travelling choir etc.)

The Uniform Committee will organize 3 times per year where you can purchase items; September, January/February and June. Items will be available for students to try on for sizing.

There is also a facebook page available where used uniform items can be bought and sold. Check it out at:

Below you will also find a file where you can download the entire Uniform Policy and also a file which contains the pricing.

If you have any questions regarding Uniforms, please contact the Uniform Commitee at



Uniform Policy PDF Download
Uniform Price List PDF Download
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