Huron Christian School

Service Projects

Adult Day Away Centre

The Adult Day Away Centre provides adult day programs in a group setting for dependent adults, such as the frail elderly, individuals with Alzheimers, or individuals with disabilities. Services may include leisure activities, meals and personal care. Once a month, one of our classes goes to the Centre to provide entertainment for these adults in the form of music, poetry, skits, or any other kind of creative entertaining activities. Our students also spend some time playing games with the clients at the Centre. This is an opportunity for our students to show the love of Christ in action.  

Soup & More Kitchen

The Heartland Community Church in Clinton runs a free lunch program called "Soup and More" two days every week. Organizers say that the "more" part of the program is a "desire to show the love of Christ to people in the community". Students from Grade 6-8 participate in this program by serving lunch and helping with cleanup. Part of our mission statement says that, "By the grace of God, Huron Christian School, equips all students to be good stewards of God's creation and serve their community". This program is an excellent way for our students to fulfill that part of our mission statement, which is also an obedient response to Christ's call in our lives.

Food Bank

Mountain of FoodThe "Friends of the Community" food bank is a Clinton food bank which students at Huron Christian School support every Thanksgivng through donations brought in at our Thanksgiving assemby. As well, we have had additional food drives at other times of the year when the need is great. Some parents have encouraged their children to use their own money to buy food items for this drive. Supporting the food bank is one way of sharing the blessings that God has poured into our lives.



Terry Fox Run

Each September our students, together with students from our neighbouring elementary schools; Clinton Public School and St. Joseph's Catholic School, participate in the annual Terry Fox Run/Walk. The different divisions begin by meeting in one of the schools for a brief introduction, and then the students from all three schools spend about 30-45 minutes walking/running on a course outlined on the school properties. Students are encouraged to bring in their "Toonies for Terry". It's a great way for all three schools to cooperate in a worthwhile fundraiser and build a sense of community between neighbouring schools.


Coming Events