Huron Christian School


Message from the Campaign Chair,

“God is magnificent; He can never be praised enough.  There are no boundaries to His greatness.   Generation after generation stands in awe of Your work; each one tells stories of Your mighty acts.”

Psalm 145: 3 & 4 The Message

We, as a school community, can do this because we have been given a vision; God’s plan, building with passion, a foundation of Christian education.  

God lit a passion for Christian education in our founding fathers.  He lit this torch in their hearts and our school was established. He has been faithful year after year; generation after generation, walking with us on the journey of Huron Christian School.  God continues to keep the flame going. Our community has been benefiting from Christian education for four generations! It is with this strong foundation, and only by the God’s Grace we can move forward to grow with the school; Investing in the building, the place where students learn and hear the stories that will also ignite this fire in them for generations to come. 

We are the next generation to go forward with the torch, and God will continue to keep lit. 

As a cabinet, we invite you to reflect with us on God’s faithfulness, to commend to each other the foundation work that has been done at Huron Christian School before us, and to prayerfully consider how you will join us and invest in the future of Christian education: building on the Same Foundation, for the Next Generation. 

May God bless us as we move forward in the light of His Grace,

Agnes Waanders

Campaign Chair.


Message from the Board Chair and Principal,

Think mid 1950’s. A group of visionary Christian parents sitting together dreaming of what kind of education they want for their children. Christ centred…, Biblically based…, building a strong foundation in the lives of their children…, learning for serving…. Sound familiar? Huron Christian school as we know it today is the direct result of their dreams becoming action.
Fast forward to 2016. Almost 60 years later we are the ones faced with a decision. What do we do today that future generations can look back and be thankful for? This Same Foundation, Next Generation answers that question. We want to add on to and upgrade this solid structure so that our children today, and many generations to follow can still be educated from that Christ-centred, biblically-based perspective. And We would venture to say that is even more necessary today than it was 60 years ago. Our children need to continue learning about all the parts of this amazing, “In the beginning God created” creation, and they need to continue to hear that “in Him all things hold together”, and that “in the image of God He created them”.  And yes, learning is still ultimately for serving. Those are the characteristics that set this school apart.
We invite you to join us as, by the grace of God, we take up this opportunity to build something worthwhile, lasting, and God honouring for today’s, and future generations.

Nick Geleynse                                                    Paul Vandendool

Principal                                                            Board Chair 



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