Huron Christian School



Membership is important because it helps shape the future of our school. 

Being a member of the Huron Christian School requires you:

  • to belong to a Christ-centred church
  • to be 18 years of age or older
  • to agree with the school's statement of purpose and constitution
  • to pay an annual Membership fee of $400.00
  • to have your membership application approved by School Board

Membership gives you the right to:

  • vote and attend scheduled Society Meetings (need 25% of members present to have a valid vote)
  • support the school as you are able.
  • the opportunity to serve on the Board or any of its committees in both Huron Christian School and London and District Christian Secondary School.
  • promote the school in an informed way with friends, family, and neighbours.

* Membership can be terminated by notifying the board in writing, by failure to pay Membership Fees, or by no longer agreeing with the Constitution and By-laws of Huron Christian School Society

To those of you who are considering membership, we appreciate your interest and welcome you to direct any further questions you may have to the Membership Committee or the Board by contacting the school.

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