Huron Christian School

History of Huron Christian School


  • On Sunday, July 19, 1953, a meeting was held after the morning church service to establish a Christian School Society.
  • An Executive Board was appointed consisting of chairman J.C. Bakelaar, and members J. Guetter, J.G. Heyink, C. DeHaan and B. Bylsma.
  • Forty names were added to a list of people who wanted positive Christian education for their children.
  • The first membership meeting was held on January 17, 1954. In that meeting, the membership dues were established a $.25 per month. That way everyone could afford to be a member.


  • Membership had increased to 80 members and during the following years the number of members increased to 116.


  • The membership dues were raised and the monthly income for the school was $550.00


  • In January, the decision was made to construct a two room school to be opened by September.
  • A lot of 2 acres was purchased behind the Clinotn Christian Reformed Church.
  • P. Kuiper drew up the plans for the 2 room school and K. VandenHeuvel was given the contract.
  • The cost of the building was to be $29,500.00.
  • Contributions were set at $3.00 a week and tuition was set at $1.50 for 1 child, $2.25 for 2 children and $2.75 for 3 or more children, per week.
  • A. Valkenburg was appointed as the caretaker of the school-to-be-built.
  • Board Members of the Calvin Christian School Society: Koob Drost - Chairman; Peter Damsma - Vice chariman; Kase VandenHeuvel - Secretary; Cornelis deBoer - Treasurer; Case Maaskant; Murray Siertsema; Uilke Dykstra.
  • Mr. VanWieren was hired as the principal and Mrs. Bruinsma was hired as teacher.
  • On August 29, the Calvin Christian School was dedicated.
  • First classes were held in the newly built two room school - 54 children were enrolled.


  • Bussing the students to school cost $6,200.00.


  • Two classrooms were added at a cost of $16,000.00. C. Doucette was the contractor.
  • A number of children from the Blyth area plan to attend.
  • Exeter Christian School Society agreeed to pay the costs of one classroom in addition to regular tuition.
  • Enrolment rises to 125 pupils.


  • Enrolment climbed to 151 students.
  • Tuition fees rose to $8.00 per week - $5.00 was contribution and $3.00 was tuition.
  • Membership dues jump from $25.00 to $100.00 a year.


  • Two more classrooms and a storage room were added at a cost of approximately $26,000.00


  • A committee began looking into the constitution and suggested some changes. The only change that was made was the name of the school. It was changed from Calvin Christian School to Clinton and District Christian School.
  • The first Pancake Supper was held.


  • A major snow blizzard closed roads and children had to be billeted out to families around Clinton overnight.
  • Mr. N. Heykoop began duties as the new school custodian.
  • The constitution was accepted by the membership.
  • A Spring Walk-a-Thon of 25 miles was held to raise money for desks.


  • 10th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Bought tract of land for more playground
  • First "Woodstock District Fine Arts Festival"


  • Started first Kindergarten


  • Added gymnasium, lobby and kitchen


  • Opened used clothing store in Clinton - "Kath Penny Corner"
  • Did first of several major muscial productions - "Jungle Book"


  • 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • Added 2 classrooms, extensive remodeling to library, washrooms, staff room, etc.


  • A portable classroom is added.


  • Full class computer lab.


  • Student Fund finances purchase of approximately 4 acres of adjoining land for more playground area.


  • New property is landscaped with a Carolinian Forest and Bird Attraction Garden possible through a grant from Shell Canada.


  • 40th Anniversary celebrations held during the summer.


  • Trees are planted to shade the east side of the school


  • Flutes and clarinets are purchased to begin a band.


  • A wood wind and brass band begins for Grade 7 & 8.


  • A  major fire in Clinton destroyed the contents of our used clothing store "of Rack and Room"


  • Students performed the musical "Rescue in the Night" at the Blyth Festival Theatre and at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Exeter.
  • Major renovations to 3 classrooms took place. Each classroom is now outfitted with interactive boards, ceiling fans, new lighting and computer desks.
  • "of Rack and Room" is able to reopen.


  • The entire school was moved to Vanastra for one year while an extensive renovation project was undertaken. The building was renovated adding 2 Kindergarten classrooms, an art room, a science room, a Performing Arts room, Kindergarten washrooms and primary washrooms.
  • In September of 2019 staff and students moved back to Clinton and in October celebrated the Grand Re-Opening!  


  • Modern, up-to-date facilities
  • Over 175 students enrolled
  • Operated by an elected board of directors
  • Staffed by dedicated Christian teachers.
  • Budget met by donations, membership fees, fundraising and tuition fees.
  • Close contact between home and school
  • Personal interviews, school newsletters and report cards
  • An effective resource program 


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