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  1. Who sends their children to Huron Christian School?
  2. Who operates the school?
  3. Do students participate in standardized testing?
  4. When students graduate from grade eight, can they transfer to another school?
  5. Do you have a dress code?
  6. I am interested in being involved and helping out at the school. What opportunities are available to me?
  7. Does the school offer any extra-curricular activites?
  8. What school educational programs do you offer?
  9. How do parents keep informed?
  10. Does the school provide transportation?
  11. Are the school facilities available for renting?
  12. How long has the school been in operation?
  13. How can I find out more?

Who sends their children to Huron Christian School?

The HCS school community is made up of Christian parents who are looking for a school where the home, school and church all support each other. Over 15 Christian churches are represented at HCS by families who are enrolled at HCS.

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Who operates the school?

Huron Christian School is an independent Christian elementary school. It is operated by the HCS Society, which is governed by a school board, elected from supporting parent and community members. The school is funded by the membership and supporting community. As an incorporated not-for-profit organization, the society's purpose is the establishment, promotion and maintenance of Christian instruction in Huron County.

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Do students participate in standardized testing?

Yes. The school conducts formal testing of all students in Grade 3-8. The Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) is administered to all students in alternating years at these grade levels during even years. The next CTBS will be adminstered in October 2012. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that students are receiving and learning basic instruction in language arts, mathematics and cognitive reasoning skills. As well the CTBS serves to obtain a general indication of how our students compare academically with other students in other Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and other students throughout Canada. The results of these tests are available to parents and are kept in the students' Ontario Student Record file (the OSR).

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When students graduate from grade eight, can they transfer to another school?

We encourage students who graduate from Huron Christian School to continue their education at London District Christian Secondary School . LDCSS is also affiliated with the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools. Each family makes its own decision about high school education for their children. For those students who go on to public high schools, we have received very positive feedback from their high school teachers, telling us that our students are well-versed academically and socially, and are prepared for the additional responsibilities and assignments of the high school years.

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Do you have a dress code?

The 2011/12 school year marks the first year that uniforms are mandatory at HCS. The purpose of a dress code is to create a positive educational atmosphere, school identity, and community for Huron Christian School (HCS).

  • School uniforms support the Biblical principles of dress so far as it concerns modesty.
  • As of broad principle, students act the way they dress. Neat, modest, and appropriate clothing encourages and reinforces conduct, which is conducive to learning, to healthy interactions, and to a sense of Christian community.
  • Standards of appearance are one means of building character and distinction in the lives of our students. The school's uniform policy serves as a tool in fostering the academic and character development of the students as they participate in the educational process.
  • It is the intent of the Uniform Policy to create clear and consistent guidelines for all students. This policy contains sufficient options to allow students' individual taste and style, and at the same time seeks to reflect the standard that is consistent with our identity as Huron Christian School.

The uniform committee will have an open house in June of each year where students may try on clothes and families may place an order for uniform articles. There will also be at least two other times per year to order uniforms. 

For daily wear, all students are required to wear a uniform comprised of any combination of the following items supplied only by the school's designated supplier.

  • Golf shirt: short sleeved, long sleeved, colours ( navy, powder blue, grey, white)
  • Pants/Shorts: colours (navy or beige)
  • V-Neck Sweater, zip sweatshirt, Fitted full-zip sweatshirt: colour (navy)
  • Kilt: with sewn in short, colour (blue and white tartan)
  • Grade 7/8 student will also require a grey Phys. Ed T-shirt
  • All students are required to have shoes appropriate for gym classes available in the school.

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I am interested in being involved and helping out at the school. What opportunities are available to me?

HCS thrives and depends on its volunteers! We always appreciate the dedicated work and enthusiasm of those who give of their time. Here are various ways in which parents and community members can get directly involved with the school:

Library Volunteers: Volunteers help students find and check out books.

Accompanying Field Trips: Parents are often asked to accompany students on classroom field trips.

Assisting in the Classroom: If you wish to work directly with an individual child or a small group of children, or are willing to prepare teaching materials for a teacher, please contact the principal.

Fund-raising Activities: A variety of activities are planned during the year (helping with the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP), organizing the annual talent & service auction, helping at a school barbeque etc.) Volunteers are always needed for these and other events.

Of Rack and Room: This thrift store sells clothing and other items. Volunteers are always needed. For more information call Cory Haak (519-482-7190), the volunteer coordinator. Please bring gently used, washing clothing and other good quality items to the store during store hours.

A School Committee: If serving on a school committee or the school board interests you, please contact the principal. There are many opportunities to serve at HCS.

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Does the school offer any extra-curricular activities?

From sports to Battle of the Books to Student's Council, there is an extra-curricular activity to match a variety of interests!

Intramurals: Intramural programs begin in Grade 3 and continue through Grade 8. Teams are composed of students in different classes.

Sports Teams: Our school participates in many sports. Our senior teams are made up of Grde 7 and 8 students. Our cross country team and track and field team is for students in Grades 3-8. For more information, please see "Sports" on the SCHOOL LIFE page.

Student's Council: This is open for Grade 6-8 students. The Council is put together in September and they work to organize fun activities and cultivate school spirit throughout all the grades.

Prayer Pals: The entire school participates in this program. The students are divided up into different Prayer Pal groups led by senior students. Each month the groups enjoy a lunch together and spend time together in prayer. The students are encouraged to pray for their Prayer Partners at home with their families.

Battle of the Books: For those students who enjoy reading, this program is for you. A senior and junior team is made up of students from Grade 4-8. The students are required to read 10 assigned books and then prepare to do battle on them!

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What school educational programs do you offer?

Huron Christian School administration and staff set high academic standards. The program of studies at Huron Christian School is conscious of the guidelines and standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education and we parallel the Ontario curriculum. However, the program is distinct from the provincial guidelines in its orientation and outlook. Emphasis is placed on teaching Christianly, providing students with ideas and skills necessary to help them learn to discern how to best serve their Saviour with integrity and joy. The full Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 program taught at Huron Christian School follows a carefully planned course of study which reflects the school's mission and Christian educational philosophy.

When your children come to Huron Christian School, they will receive an excellent education steeped in the Word of God. Our teachers encourage students to explore creation, to reflect on its wonder and brokeness, and to make responsible choices with the gifts God has given them. God's creation is waiting to be discovered by His children and our children's gifts are waiting to be unwrapped in His service.

The aim of the curriculum at Huron Christian School is to help students understand the world in which we live, so that they may respond obediently to God's call of service and discipleship. Teachers use a vareity of curriculum series, textbooks, unit studies and other resources. Curriculum guides for all grade levels are available at the school. They explain the content of the subject areas, as well as thematic statements, and the methods used to teach the curriculum.  

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How do parents keep informed?

Success for students often depends on good communication between the home and the school. For this reason, Huron Christian School has implemented a weekly newsletter called the 'Pink Sheet'. This publication is sent home via email every Tuesday and can also be found on SCHOOL LIFE page under "Pink Sheet".

Each parent receives the email address and phone number of their child's teacher. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, or if a parent and teacher need to meet, this can be arranged via email or phone. 

The quarterly newsletter, The LINK, highlights some of the major events taking place at Huron Christian School. It is also used to promote the school in various churches throughout Huron County. The LINK is a way in which our senior members and those members who live far away can stay in touch with the news about the school.  

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Does the school provide transportation?

The Huron Christian School Transportation Committee runs a bussing service for families within Huron County. For more information about our bus routes, as well as the policies and rules, please go to our TRANSPORTATION page. All information is located there.

Buses are also available to rent for trips by community groups or churches. To find out more about busing, please contact the school office.

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Are the school facilities available for renting?

The gym is available to rent for functions that range from family functions, sporting events, weddings and meetings. Tables and chairs are available to use as well as the kitchen. For further information on gym availability and rental fees, plesae contact the school office by phone (519-482-7851) or email (

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How long has the school been in operation?

HCS has been in operation since 1962. It was established to give parents the opportunity to offer a Biblically based, academically excellent education. The 2011/12 school year marks our 50th year! This is a testament to God's goodness and faithfulness.

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How can I find out more?

Visit our CONTACT US page for our mailing address, phone number, fax number and email address. We would be glad to answer any additional questions you have, as well as mail out an Information Package.

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