Huron Christian School

Bienvenue à la classe de français!

Grade 4:

Story: Les trois petits cochons


Grades 5:

Story: Comment y aller?


Grades 6/7:

Story: L'arbre ungali


Grades 8:

Story: Un frère pénible


About our French Program:

This year we are continuing to learn French using a program called AIM.

How AIM is different from other programs:

  • uses drama, song, and gestures/actions (for each word) to teach language 
  • emphasizes a French-only environment which immerses students in the language
  • teaches students high-frequency vocabulary by placing new words in meaningful contexts (this means we don't memorize lists of words)
  • grammar rules are taught using raps to aid with memory retention
  • story-based rather than theme based

A highlight of this program is the opportunity to perform both the play and the song to a variety audiences.

French-Only! It may seem hard to believe, but your children only speak and only hear French in French class. Ask them to share the phrases and gestures that they learned to ensure they are successful at only speaking French. 

Speaking in French with the class and individually, participation in whole-class activities (which includes speaking with the teacher and asking and responding to questions in French) and working and communicating in French with peers are significant aspects of the French report mark. Continue to encourage your child(ren) to participate in these ways

French Resources: This is a French grammar/writing tool that shows students where there are errors in their writing. Simply type in your text, click "vérifier le texte" and look for highlighted areas to pop up indicating where there are errors. If you hover your mouse over the highlighted area, the website will suggest possible corrections. 

- French/English dictionary - Please, do not resort to Google translate as it is often inaccurate and does not teach students how to manipulate the French language.  

Good online French/English dictionaries:
Larousse French/English Dictionary
Word Reference French/English Dictionary

Here is a great tool for conjugating verbs.  Simply type the verb in its infinitive form (parler, finir, vouloir, etc.) you would like to use and push enter.  The site will provide the conjugated forms of the verb for all the tenses.

Verb Conjugation Tool

Occasionally you will come across a word that you are unable to locate in a dictionary.  Oftentimes these words are conjugated verbs (ie. doit, était, peux, etc.).  Use this tool to find the infinitive form (ie. devoir, être, pouvoir, etc.) as well as the forms of the other tenses of the verb to help you understand the meaning of the word.  Once you know the infinitive form of the verb you can look up its meaning in the dictionary.  Simply type in the conjugated verb as it is found in the sentence or question you are reading; press enter and the site will provide the infinitive and other tenses of the verb.

Tool for Finding the Infinitive Form and Other Tenses of a Verb

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