Huron Christian School

Code of Conduct Agreement for School Year




The Education Act; Regulation 298; Subsection 23(4) states that every student is responsible for his or her conduct to the principal of the school that the pupil attends:

a) on the school premises;
b) on out-of-school activities that are part of the school program;
c) and while travelling on a school bus that is owned by a board or on a bus or a school bus that is under contract to a board.

Daily we ask for God's guidance and protection while at school and during our travels to and from school. We pray that the Lord will guide us as our drivers put many kilometres on the buses. But as parents we also have the responsibility to teach and train our children the expectations we have for the bus use. The importance of proper conduct while waiting for, boarding, riding, or disembarking from a bus cannot be overemphasized. Any behaviour that distracts the bus driver instantly endangers all. In the interest of safety, parents are asked to review the following bus rules and regulations with their children and impress upon them the necessity for strict compliance with the rules.

Code of Conduct for Students

  1. Please ensure that you respect each bus driver and rider. Arrive at your pick-up point at least five minutes prior to pick up time. Conduct yourself in an orderly manner at bus stops prior to boarding. Board the bus in single file and in an orderly manner. Obey directions and instructions of the driver.
  2. Please keep your equipment and body parts out of the aisle where possible. Each student may board the bus with a school bag and band instrument. If the item does not fit into the bag, it may not come on the bus unless previous arrangements have been made. Skates must have skate guards or protective material in place.
  3. Arms, legs and head are not to be extended out of the windows. No part of the body should ever be extended outside the bus. Nothing is to be thrown from the bus.
  4. Please ensure the volume is not excessive so that the drivers can safely drive the bus. Refrain from talking to the driver while the bus is in motion, except in case of an emergency.
  5. Please do not eat or drink on the bus.
  6. Please ensure that you are always sitting in your seat while the bus is in motion. Never leave the bus at any stop other than that predetermined by school or parental permission.
  7. Please remember that the right to ride on the school bus is conditional on good behaviour and observance of all the rules and regulations.

Besides the expectation for good behaviour, the Transportation Committee wants parents and students to be aware of the following procedures:

  • If a child does not normally use a particular bus, a note must be presented to the driver informing him/her of the need to use that bus. If planning a birthday party or get-together for students, please make arrangements with the driver(s) a minimum of one day in advance.
  • If a child has special medical needs, please let the Administrator know. The Administrator will contact the Transportation Committee and driver.
  • If the bus is abnormally late, parents may call the bus contact person or the school to investigate the reason.
  • It is understood that student safety is the responsibility of the parent/guardian until pick-up and after drop off at the student's designated stop in rural areas, and until reaching and leaving school property within town. For children under the age of 11 years, if there is no visual confirmation of a parent/guardian, the bus driver will contact the school office or the student's home. If there is no response the student will be taken back to school on the bus.
  • In the case of bus cancellation due to inclement weather, the school cancellation policy will take effect.
  • In the case of breakdown or accident, the school bus emergency procedures will be in effect. Alternate transportation will be arranged and families of students not yet picked up or dropped off will be notified by phone. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, their child(ren) will be left with the family indicated as the emergency contact.


  1. Persistent offenders of these rules will be brought to the attention of the Principal.
  2. Student behaviour and school bus emergency procedures will be reviewed in the classroom during the school year. Parents are asked to sign a transportation authorization and statement of agreement regarding student conduct on the bus as part of the enrolment application.
  3. Any complaints or suggestions should be brought to the attention of the Administrator, not the bus drivers.


Where a question of authority between a representative or member of the School Society and a driver regarding the safe operation of a bus is raised, the matter shall be referred to the Administrator as soon as possible.

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