Huron Christian School

Chapels, Assemblies and Prayer pals


This year all Chapels and Assemblies will be held virtually. Watch our Facebook page for links. 



Once again this year we have integrated chapels every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. in the gym. These chapels may include singing, prayer, praise, special music, speakers, student participation and perhaps an audiovisual presentation. Chapels last approximately 20 minutes. This is a time when we can worship God as a school family, celebrate birthdays, and when announcements can be made to the entire student body.


Assemblies are usually held once per month. These are focussed around our theme for the year or on  special occasions ie. Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas etc. The different grade divisions are responsible for leading the different assemblies. It is a time of praise and worship, a time for reflection and also recognition.

Parents and friends of our school are always welcome to join our school community at these times.

Prayer Pals

The entire school participates in our Prayer Pal program. The students are divided up into different Prayer Pal groups led by senior students. Each month the groups enjoy a lunch together and spend time together in prayer. The students are encouraged to pray for their Prayer Pals at home with their families. In addition, these same groups participate in Student Council led activities throughout the year.   

Coming Events