Huron Christian School

Transportation Policy


The Transportation Committee affirms that transportation is a privilege which may be revoked at the Principal's discretion.

  1. All children are eligible for transportation and may be picked up at home or a central bus pickup depending on the bus route.
  2. Students identified with physical, development, or emotional handicaps may be eligible for full transportation upon recommendation of the Transportation Committeee.
  3. It is understood that student safety is the responsibility of the parent/guardian until pick-up and after drop off at the student's designated stop in rural areas, and until reaching and leaving school property within town. For children under the age of 11 years, if there is no visual confirmation of the parent/guardian, the bus driver will contact the school office or the student's home. If there is no response the student will be taken back to school on the bus.
  4. From the time that students board our buses in the am/pm until they are dropped off at their appropriate destinations, including transfer points, they are expected to adhere to all the Bus Rules. If failure to do so has been observed by bus drivers and/or teachers, it will be reported to the principal and be dealt with accordingly using the "Bus Behaviour Form".
  5. If a stop is not deemed safe or satisfactory to the committee, bus operator or parents, students may be required to walk to the nearest pick-up point.
  6. In inclement weather situations, our delays or cancellations will normally coincide with Avon Maitland School Board decisions. Huron Christian School may choose to delay or cancel independent of the Avon Maitland School Board. This will follow the "Bus Cancellation/Delay Procedure".


After School Procedures in Case of Bus Delay

The office will start the phone chain to all parents informing them of a delay.

If the principal or administrative assistant is not available the teacher in charge will assign one member of the staff to make the necessary phone calls.


Transportation Boundaries

  1. The Transportation Committee each year will address the boundaries for the bus routes. This will be based on the number of students and families in a given area.
  2. The school buses will not go outside of these transportation boundaries to pick up children. In the event where a family lives outside of these boundaries, it shall be the parents responsibility and cost to bring their child(ren) to the closest bus stop.
  3. The bus routes are set within these boundaries, but it is not a guarantee that all roads within the boundaries will be covered. Distance, time, and money all play significant roles in determining bus routes.
  4. In the event of a family move or new admission, the Transportation Committee will try to accommodate the family into the existing pre-set routes. In the event that this is not possible, the family is asked to bring the student(s) to the nearest existing bus stop.


Usage of Buses

During special outings (i.e. field trips, skiing, skating, etc.), when teachers are in attendance, the teachers will be responsible to maintain behaviour according to the discipline policy as if the students were in the classroom.



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