Huron Christian School


June 2018               

WEEK #39 REMINDERS: Just a reminder that SK meets all day Tuesday and Thursday morning. There is NO SK on Wednesday or Friday.

Thursday, June 21 - SK graduation (see details below), Return to school by 6:45 (HCS staffroom) for Grade 8 graduation, Grade 8 graduation at 7PM in HCS gym

SK Graduation: Thursday, June 21, 2018

10AM sharp!!


  • Students may wear Sunday best to SK graduation (sundresses are acceptable).

  • Keep hair as flat as possible otherwise graduation hat won't fit properly.

  • Students will come to school at the usual time and in the usual way.

  • They will go home with you after graduation (11ish).

  • After our graduation we will have a social time together.

-I will provide the punch.

-Please bring a finger food snack to share (vegetables, cheese, crackers, grapes, cookies, squares – nothing messy like chips or popcorn).

  • Older siblings may attend BUT ONLY if you go to the classroom to get them. Please pick them up by 9:55 as the ceremony begins at 10AM sharp. They are to sit with you as this is a family event. They will be dismissed before we begin our social time.

  • SK is part of the primary choir and is expected to be at grade 8 graduation in the evening (7PM). Please report to the HCS staff room by 6:45 in official school uniform.

  • Don't forget your camera! I allow plenty of time for picture taking.

Literacy Activities: Letter: Ee (click)

Date:January 9, 2018

Short Ee Song (Tune: Skip To My Lou):

Eggs in the pan, e e e.

Eggs in the pan, e e e.

Eggs in the pan, e e e.

Crack the egg like this - e!

Action - Pretend to crack an egg agains the side of the pan with one hand. Use bpth hands to crack open the shell, saying e e e

Long Ee Song (Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star):

See the donkey in its stall.

"Eeyore! ee or!" is it is its call.

Action: Put your hands on your head, and flap them up and down like the ears of a donkey, saying eeyore, eeyore.



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